Folk Music And Our History

Folk Music And Our HistoryWhen we talk about music in any form we must bear in mind that it is closely linked to our history and culture. There are some things that are very closely linked to our past and music and art are two such things which go a long way in describing about us, our upbringing and the roots to which we belong to. There are different types of music that we could talk about and perhaps which may not feature much in books and other such sources of information. It would have been handed over to by our mothers and fathers who in turn would have borrowed it from our grandparents and great grandparents and so on. Hence whenever we hear our dad and mom singing some old fold music we can be more than sure that it has some long history and lineage attached to it.

It Has Evolved

Yes it is quite likely that what we hear and practice today may not be the same as it was some hundreds of years ago. Music certainly evolves and changes with times and tries to accommodate changing tastes and requirements of contemporary music lovers. However if one traces back on the tunes and styles it is quite likely that it will have some direct link to a song or note which might have had been sung by our ancestors hundreds of years ago. In fact if we look at some good Buffalo SEO service providers who are working for some music companies they will talk about the ways and means by which music of the yore could be renewed and brought back in a new shape so that today’s modern generations can know more about it.

Hence at the end of the day there is hardly any doubt that music and culture are closely intertwined and it would be impossible to separate both of them.

The Growing Impact Of Folk Music On Our Lives

We are all from the past and therefore we cannot free ourselves from history however much we might try. When we talk about our history and culture there are quite a few important things that need be taken into account. It would take us back to the kind of dresses that we wore, the god and religious practices and rituals that we believed in, the type of income earning and commercial activities that we partook in and much more. Amongst the various other things that make up the history and culture of a country there is no doubt that folk music has a very important role to play. The music that we listen to and also practice today has not just come from thin air. It has evolved over the years and therefore is well and truly a reflection of the history and culture which we so proudly talk about.

The Growing Impact Of Folk Music On Our LivesHow It Impacts Today’s Generation

Those who believe that this kind of ancient music is losing it sheen and shine are very mistaken. This is because many of today’s modern songs whether it is raps or other such melodies have a few leaves taken from the old cultural music. In today’s world where stress, tension lack of time and a harried lifestyle continues to bother millions of us, there is no doubt that these old music and songs could have a very soothing impact. Hence, it is not very surprising that many commercial organizations have started using this form of music to promote their products or services.

Whether it is some of the well-known Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Anavar companies or those who are into making and selling of computer peripherals and other such items, they believe in using old music repackaged as re-mixes to cater to the modern day youth. In most cases it seems to be working very well and is delivering results on the ground.

The Importance Of Folk Music

The Importance Of Folk MusicThere is no denying the fact that the music and songs that we listen to, or perhaps sign and hum has not landed on our laps all of a sudden. All music that is played and listened across the globe has a history and tradition behind it. It has lot of culture, and habits which have made them what they are today. Hence it would not be wrong to mention that there is a big role of this type of music when it comes to defining modern day society. Hence there continues to be a big demand for folk music that has originated from our fathers and forefathers. It has stood the test of time and therefore it is something that needs to be treasured and venerated at all points of time.

They Tell Stories About The Past

There is no doubt that when we hear the old folk songs we are also in a much better position to know more about the way of life as it existed during that period. It has helps us to draw a connectivity and helps us to identify ourselves with the past. Hence there is hardly any doubt that if we are what we are today, history has a big role to play. There is perhaps no better way to look back at history than by being in touch with the old folk songs.

It would also be not out of place to mention that there are many ways and means by which we can remember our old folk song. We can have Logo tablecloths based on old folklores. We could even look at printing the lyrics of some old and timeless folk songs and could also build a theme around it when it comes to our birthdays and other such events. Hence there are many ways and means by which this can be done.

Folk Music And Civilizations – Some Food For Thought

Folk Music And Civilizations – Some Food For ThoughtThere is no doubt that civilization is something that has evolved over years. There are many contributory factors to it. It could be because of development of mankind from one stage to another. Man moved from the stone age to the bronze age and then to the iron age. Each change in age brought with it new knowledge and wisdom and man moved from one intelligent platform to another. Along with such changes quite a few other things also happened. The way man started dressing changed. The way they interacted with others also kept changing. The method of communication also changed. In all these changes, music had a big role to play. Hence it would not be out of place to mention here that folk music is something that has helped man to graduate from one level of intellect to another.

It Is A Way Of Life

It would be pertinent to mention here that old music is something that reflects a way of life that existed at various points of time. If one looks at the lyrics or even the music and beats it is quite likely that it will be totally related to those particular points of time. Therefore there is hardly any doubt that civilization, culture and way of life are closely interlinked with music, dresses and other customs and practices. Therefore when one hears some glorious folk music he or she should be proud that they belong to a glorious past and legacy.

In the same light when one talks about dresses it would be pertinent to mention that they are also deeply rooted in tradition and culture. Whether it is the best of linen napkins that we come across today or the medieval dresses that one wears, there is bound to be tradition attached to it. Hence music and dresses are closely interlinked in more ways than one.

Why Is Folk Music So Important

It is quite impossible for each one of us to separate us from music even on a daily basis. Whether we breathe, walk, run, talk or do any physical activity there is some element of rhythm in it and there is music in it. When we open the tap or take bath or do other such activity it is quite likely that there will be some form of music attached to it. The winds moving between trees and branches, the water gushing down rough terrains or flowing serenely on the plains also have music in it.

Why Is Folk Music So ImportantWhy Folk Music

When we talk about folk music we are talking about music that has evolved over centuries. It is no something that has suddenly found its way into our living rooms. It has lot of history and culture attached to it. Hence when we listen to this type of music we are reminded of the good old days of our great grandparents and ancestors and how they have used the best of nature’s sounds and converted it into very enjoyable music.

The Best Of Rhythm And Music

Further whether it is the oldest folk songs or the more contemporary ones they are built on some solid rhythms and beats. Hence they are very pleasing to the ears. In fact some of the best and fast numbers of today have been born out some old folk songs. Hence there is hardly any doubt that this type of music is a bridge between the old and the new. In fact even fashion and dresses that we wear has some close link to the music that we believed in at some point of time. Whether it is bib aprons or other forms of dresses there is no doubt that there could be some folks songs or music attached to it. Hence, music helps us to keep in touch with the past while we move on.

The Irish Gaelic Customs and Traditions

irishThe Gaelic culture is based on the clan and had inter-clan relationships like marriages, wars, trading, and friendships and so on. They had a deeper appreciation of their oral culture and intellectuals. They used music, literature, poetry, stories and other forms of oral culture to pass their traditions.
The Irish Gaelic held their kinship bonds, hospitality and fulfillment of ritual and social responsibilities sacred.


The Irish were originally pagans with many gods and goddesses and always believed in spirits that they could communicate with. They also believed in life after death y burying the dead with weapons, food and ornaments.

The Social Structure

The Irish Gaelic hierarchically divided into territories that were ruled by chiefs or kings. Their hierarchical structure was set such that privileged, powerful and wealthy ones were on top. One could rise and fall from one rank to another by gaining skills in a department, wealth or qualification to a certain profession.

Gaelic Laws

Because of their oral traditions, the Gaelic laws were passed down orally. In the case of offenses the law made a distinction between an intentional and unintentional harm and the compensation required for the offense.  The offender was to pay compensation on any offenses made against people and property. The execution was always rare and could only be carried out as the last resort.

The laws defined the relationship between people and the duties and rights that accompanied the status.


The Irish family was patriarchal. Marriage was allowed for social equals since the man was to provide for his wife and family. The man owned the land which could be inherited by their sons. The land could only go to the daughters if the man had no sons.

However, the link between the married women and their family was always maintained and the women were allowed to own properties separately from the husbands.

The legal marriage ages for boys are eighteen and sixteen for girls.

Cherokee Indians Cultural Information

cherokeeindianThe Cherokee people have a long and colorful history of traditions which may seem complicated from the outside but are really quite simple and well thought out. Much of these elements have remained in place up to the present day and still form an integral part of the daily lives of many Cherokee people.

To the Cherokees some numbers are incredibly significant. The number seven for example represents the very pinnacle of sacredness and purity – representing the seven different clans of Cherokee people. This level of purity was incredibly difficult to reach and only ever attained by the cougar and the owl…each having a very special and significant meaning to Cherokee people.

The owl as he walks is said to resemble the figure of an old man and can sometimes be mistaken for a cat due to the silhouette and feather tufts on the head. This is said to resemble the cougar, the other revered animal to the Cherokee nation.

The number four is also important, represented in the major directions of north, south, east and west. Some colors are also associated with the directions.

Other things which were valued and important to the Cherokee nation in particularly their ceremonies were the holly, laurel, spruce, cedar and pine trees, cedar being the most sacred of all, the most distinguishing red and white colors setting it apart from the rest. Cherokee consider that cedar wood to be very sacred. It was used to honor the dead in ancient times.

These are evergreen trees which carry their leaves throughout the year and were said to stay awake during the seven nights of the creation. This, along with the owl and the cougar gave them a special power which is why they are so prominent in ceremonies and in traditional medicine.

These form the basis of the traditions and beliefs of the Cherokee people.

The Hebrew Customs and Traditions

The word Hebrew is a word used by foreigner when speaking about Israelites or when they spoke to foreigners about themselves. The Hebrew traditions outlined therefore apply to the Israelites or the Jewish traditions which are basically found in the bible.

hewbrew-traditionsJewish Beliefs

The Israelites believe that there is only one God who created the world. They are guided by the Ten Commandments given to them by God to help them in their relationship with God and with other people.

The Jewish Worship

The Israelites or the Jews go to pray together in the synagogue and are required to say their prayers at least three times a day. Most of the prayers are said alone. In the synagogue, men and women are not allowed to mix and are therefore separated from each other with a partition. The men are to wrap themselves in a white prayer shawl.

The Jewish Law on Diets

The origin of the laws on diets is believed to have been formed in the relationship between God and the Jewish people. The laws outlines on the foods that may not be eaten and which is to be eaten and how to prepare them.

Women in Orthodox Judaism

In its relationship to women the Jewish religious law is considered favorable. The women were allowed to make contracts, own property and the right to buy and sell. Mistreating or beating of wives was not allowed.

Being Charitable

According to the Jewish tradition it is ones obligation to help the poor and receive blessings. The traditional Jews are expected to give to charity at least 10% of their income.

Jewish Holidays

Jews have various holidays that they have to commemorate every year. The holidays that often begin on the evening before the set date. The following are the holidays that the Jews have: The Sabbath, the Passover, the festival of the week and others.